Q: How do you clean hardwood floors?
A: A neutral pH cleaner designed for use on wood floors should be used. Black heel marks can be removed with a tennis ball slit open and placed over a broom handle. Rub gently. The use of an autoscrubber is not recommended by the flooring manufacturers. In the event that an autoscrubber is used, the rubber floor scrapers should be clean and pliable and the vacuum filter should be checked periodically to insure that it is clean and serviceable. For more detailed information on methods of cleaning or to purchase cleaner, please contact Star Flooring.


Q: Do you use a type of sealant to protect the floor after cleaning? 
A: No. Star Flooring does not use a sealant to protect the floor after cleaning.


Q: What are the important factors contributing to the drying of finish?
A: Temperature and humidity are both important when considering the drying time for finish.  Floors that have finish put on them during times of high temperature and humidity will require longer drying times.


Q: What is the difference between drying and curing?
A: Most finishes are dry on the surface after 24 hours, however, they are still soft and can be damaged by use. Finish continues to cure for 5 to 7 days to full hardness. In the case of water based finishes, they are also dry after 24 hours but continue to cure for 72 hours to full hardness.


Q: When are hardwood floors ready for traffic?
A: See above. Allow 5-7 days for oil based finishes and 3 days for water based finishes before they are ready for use.


Q: What temperature should the gym be kept at?
A: MFMA position statements at www.maplefloor.org cover all the general questions concerning a wood gym floor


Q: How important is airflow?
A: Airflow becomes an issue in the summer in gyms that are closed up and not used.  It is important to maintain airflow during the summer months to prevent humidity damage to the wood floor.


Q: Would you recommend temporary game line tape?
A: Star Flooring does not advocate or warranty the use of tape of any kind on wood floors.


Q: What should I do for gym floor maintenance?
A: Please talk with your Star Flooring representative for the best practices for your specific gym floor.


Q: What is recommended to clean my hardwood floors?
A: We recommend a neutral pH cleaner designed for wood flooring, such as Hillyard Super Shine-All.