Gym Floor Maintenance


Environmental Control

  • Make sure the heating / venting / air conditioning system is functioning properly.
  • Maintain indoor relative humidity between 35-50% and air temperature between 55 and 75 degrees year-round.
  • Change your air filters quarterly to prevent unwanted particulates from entering the gym.
  • Keep the floor dry and wipe up any moisture as soon as possible.

Floor Maintenance

  • Sweep the floor daily with a properly treated dust mop.
  • Remove heel marks using an approved floor cleaner applied with a soft cloth or dust mop.
  • Protect the floor when moving heavy portable equipment.
  • Do not use crowned or rigid wheels on your gym floor.
  • During wet weather, check for water leaks around doors and windows.

Control Traffic

  • Place entrance mats anywhere people will be entering the gym from the outside.
  • Clean mats once per week to eliminate dirt and debris.
  • Keep street / dress shoes off the gym floor as they can scratch and dull the finish.
  • Do not allow food, drink, or gum near the gym surface.
  • Avoid high velocity impact activities such as floor hockey, baseball or shot put practice.